Financial transfer pricing made easy

The most powerful and comprehensive financial transfer pricing software platform

The platform is currently licensed by multi-billion dollar multinationals with presence in over 100 countries


Achieve Full Compliance

Increase defensibility towards Tax Authorities worldwide by pricing and documenting financial transactions consistent with OECD guidance and best-practice financial theory

Save Time

Reduce time burden on in-house teams and eliminate coordination and waiting time associated with traditional advisory firms

Mitigate Risk

Monitor transactions in real-time, follow the audit trail and keep documents safe and organized in a single centralized platform

Facilitate Collaboration

Improve collaboration and visibility across internal departments with a centralized platform and workflow management

Optimize Positions

Run multiple scenarios quickly for equally defensible but more efficient transactions

Increase Quality

Ensure precise results and documentation by eliminating the human error and inconsistency inherent in traditional manual approaches

Reduce Controversy

Avoid audits by pricing and documenting all intercompany financial transactions at arm's length

Gain Independence

Reduce dependence on external advisors and free up internal resources


Fully Digital Platform

Fully digital with real-time monitoring, document management and audit trail.

EU ESMA Certified Credit Rating Model

Proprietary implicit support model

Solvency, liquidity and profitability ratio peer group benchmarking

Delineation of transaction as equity or debt

Automated Report & Agreement Generation

TP documentation reports and legal agreements automatically generated using our compliant templates or your custom templates.

Industry Leading Data

2+ million bond curves added daily

32 currencies

36 countries & 9 regions

13 industry sectors

21 credit ratings

3 month to 30 year tenors

3 tiers

Fixed & floating rates

Fully OECD Compliant

Compliant with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and best-practice financial theory.

Fully Secure & Encrypted

Secure and encrypted through Microsoft Azure, HTTPS, SSO, OWASP and more. All servers are based in Germany.


Accurate™ is a fully digital cloud-based software platform with the following modules:

Accurate Loan™

Accurate Guarantee™

Accurate Cash Pool™

Accurate Treasury & Accounting™

Accurate Financing Advisory™

Pricing, monitoring and documentation of intercompany loans based on OECD guidance.

Pricing, monitoring and documentation of intercompany guarantees based on OECD guidance.

Monitoring, control and documentation of cash pooling synergy allocation, interest rates and structural positions based on OECD guidance. Available for Physical, Notional, and Nordic cash pools.

Calculation, monitoring and notification of intercompany financial transaction charges.

Bespoke automated advisory of relevant considerations before issuing an intercompany financial transaction as well as real-time monitoring of active positions.